We are committed to transparency and value the feedback from our clients and professional partners. While online reviews, such as those on Google, can occasionally be misleading due to anonymity and other factors, we have created this dedicated page to showcase authentic testimonials. Here, you will find endorsements from clients and professionals who have trusted us on their journeys and graciously allowed us to share their experiences.
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Dr. Womack was really amazing during the assessment. We saw that she truly understood our child at a deeper level right away just upon meeting once. She was able to see and recognize the smallest details. Though part of the assessment was difficult, she persevered in patience and used techniques to best help my child. You can tell she comes from a place of great care and understanding.

I would highly recommend Bridges of the Mind. From the first phone call to seeing Dr. Joseph was amazing. The soft gentle accepting approach was amazing.

Bridges of the Mind was an answered prayer. We have been trying to get support for my son who is a Black preteen with what has finally been confirmed as ADHD and Autism for close to 3 years. 2 separate therapists missed all signs and repeatedly told me he was fine because he communicates easily with adults and masks the issues, I see every day. Our clinician at BOTM talked effortlessly with him, made him feel safe and at ease, and was able to see the behaviors that several others had dismissed. I am so thankful for BOTM and all of the support we have gotten along this journey. I have recommended BOTM to several people and pass that along to you as well.

Really wonderful experience, we really felt heard and cared for. It was a long journey to find answers and help and we found it at BOTM.

This was the first time I felt I had a Dr who listened to my concerns and valued my feedback as a parent. Dr O was patient with my child and immediately meet his needs during our session; all while being fully engaged with me and maintaining a professional environment. I was impressed with the level of grace, empathy & knowledge Dr O had with us.
I would give her 15 out of 10!!

Natalie was a joy to work with and the interview process was so insightful I learned things about my child that amazed even me. Reading the after-visit report, was validation of my child’s uniqueness and provided a long awaited diagnosis. In our follow-up Natalie provided valuable resources and I feel like I can breathe a little easier because of her assistance.

Bridges of the Mind listened, understood, and helped us figure out how to better support our daughter. My daughter has a clear sense of how her brain functions and can work on better supporting herself too. Every staff member was helpful, and Dr. Armendarez was kind, thoughtful, and thorough with his assessment.

For families looking for a neurodivergent affirmative approach Dr Jojo is an excellent choice. It’s hard to find a clinician that truly understands and embraces affirmative approaches rather than just being aware of the concept as a new buzz word. Dr Jojo is a real gem, and we consider ourselves lucky to have had the opportunity to have him work with our child.

Bridges of the Mind preformed my son’s initial diagnostics for autism as well as his IEE just a few months later. They were professional and thorough but most importantly treated us with the utmost level of care and thoughtfulness. They allowed a safe space for my son to be him with no judgment.

So often, parents like me and kids like mine are turned away or met with judgement or bias. With Bridges, you can 100% trust that they will be thorough, professional, thoughtful but they will also go the extra mile to ensure that their clients, your child gets exactly what’s needed to help them thrive!
I can’t possibly recommend them enough!

Get that baby or children evaluated! Do your part and seek whatever help that can assist but be welcome to it as well! 🙂

“Bridges of the Mind” did an excellent job in providing a thorough ASD assessment for my 9-year-old daughter. The results were processed in a timely manner as well. The staff was very kind and professional. I highly recommend them.

We loved how easy you guys made the process for our family and how quickly our child was able to be evaluated. The process and testing felt very thorough, and Dr. JoJo was so kind, caring and supportive! We would definitely recommend Bridges of the Mind to other families.

I was able to get diagnosed with autism and ADHD at the age of 21 and it finally connected all the pieces for me. I’m very grateful that I have a diagnosis and now I can use resources and therapy to help with areas that I struggle with.

Dr. Chaparro did an amazing job of explaining, providing examples and demonstrating some of the social awareness and general depressive issues experienced by my son. I felt like she truly and accurately saw him and his struggles despite how well camouflaged and hidden he presents these issues.

Suzy was professional, knowledgeable, kind & took ample time with us and for us. I do/will highly recommendation her to anyone needing services in this area.

Dr. Jojo met us exactly where we were and helped our child through every stage of the evaluation. He was kind, friendly, easy to talk to, and really informative. We couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with. I would recommend him to anyone looking for more understanding and insight into themselves or their child. Thank you!

It was a very good experience for me. The people were professional, thorough and very friendly. I felt very comfortable throughout the evaluation process and after care needs, I had.

Given the sensitivity of the situation it is very comforting and assuring to have someone like Dr. Chaparro to explain our son’s diagnosis and prognosis. Thank you Dr. Chaparro. It is crucial to understand if our kids are wired differently so we can help them appropriately and Bridges of Mind have the right people to walk that path with us. So, I highly recommend them!

I am so thankful to have found Bridges of the Mind at a time when everything seemed so difficult. Allison was understanding and was able to develop a good rapport with my child. I couldn’t imagine waiting months for a school district assessment at such a crucial time. The cost was worth every dollar! For the first time in months, I feel like we have direction.