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ADHD Testing & Evaluations in Sacramento

Do you or your child often find yourselves in a whirlwind of disorganization, distraction, or impulsivity?

ADHD, or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, could be a contributing factor. Recognizing the need for an ADHD evaluation is the first step towards understanding and managing these challenges effectively.

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Consider an ADHD evaluation if you observe:

Understanding ADHD is the key to developing effective strategies for success. Whether you’re a parent seeking insights into your child’s challenges or an adult navigating the complexities of work and life, our team is dedicated to providing clarity and support.

How Bridges of the Mind Can Help

Comprehensive Approach

A thorough evaluation to understand the nuances of how ADHD affects you or your child.

Tailored Support

Developing personalized strategies that work with the unique challenges and strengths of the individual.

Empowerment through Knowledge

We believe in empowering our clients with understanding, which can lead to greater self-acceptance and effective management of ADHD.

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