Our Assessment Services for Adults

Navigating Life’s Complexities with Confidence
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Special Focus on Late Diagnosis

Attention to Underdiagnosed Adults

Recognizing that many adults may have been overlooked or misdiagnosed earlier in life, we provide focused evaluations to uncover these hidden differences.

Understanding Lifelong Patterns

Exploring lifelong behavioral and cognitive patterns that might indicate conditions like ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or learning disabilities.

Navigating Life Transitions

Assessing challenges faced during major life transitions, such as entering or exiting relationships, career changes, and parenthood.

At Bridges of the Mind, we are deeply committed to addressing the disparities in diagnoses and assessments for groups that are statistically underdiagnosed, such as women and people of color. We recognize the unique challenges and experiences faced by these individuals and strive to provide comprehensive, sensitive, and inclusive care. Our team actively seeks to amplify their voices, affirm their experiences, and ensure that their specific needs are met through thorough assessments. By actively working to eliminate bias and incorporating a diverse range of perspectives, we aim to bridge the gap in accurate diagnoses and provide equitable support for all individuals in their neurodiverse journeys.

The Assessment Journey

Step 1

Initial Appointment Setup

The first step involves reaching out to schedule an appointment. We understand the importance of timely assessments, and our current wait time is around three weeks, ensuring prompt access to our services.

Step 2

Intake Session (Approximately 1 Hour)

During the intake session, lasting about an hour, we engage in a conversation to better understand presenting challenges and personal strenghts. The session may include the adult and a support person, aiming to gather invaluable information about the client’s history and presenting questions.

Step 3

Testing Phase (Approximately 2+ Hours)

The testing phase, lasting about two hours, involves a cognitive assessment that helps to provide information regarding intellectual processes and abilities. Additional assessments are chosen based on presenting questions. For certain presenting questions like learning disabilities, a second testing appointment might be needed.

Step 4

Feedback, Recommendations, and Resources

After the assessment, clients receive prompt feedback and preliminary findings. For some cases, additional time may be needed to gather collateral information. Our commitment is to deliver a comprehensive report within two weeks that includes the assessment results as well as individualized and specific recommendations to bridge the gap from assessment to support services.
“I had suspicions about being on the spectrum. I was informed of Bridges of the Mind by a friend. Once I was able to attend the appointments, the process was easier than I thought. The staff was really supportive and answered all my questions.”

- Past Client

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