Our Assessment Services for Teenagers

Empowering Young Minds

Adolescence is a period of significant change and growth. Our clinicians provide teenagers with age-specific, individualized support and assessments.

Many families come in for an assessment because they find that their teenager is struggling in one of many ways, that may indicate that there are unmet needs and unique challenges that their teenager needs help navigating.

Your teenager may be experiencing:

Tailored Assessments

Engaging Techniques

We believe in making the assessment process enjoyable for teenagers. Our methods involve interactive activities that are not only engaging but also deeply informative.

Unveiling Hidden Strengths

Using interactive methods, we can uncover and understand hidden aspects of a teenager's development that may not be apparent during traditional assessments.

What We Assess

Behavioral Patterns

Understanding a teenager's behavior in different contexts provides us with valuable insights into their emotional and cognitive development.

Learning Challenges

We identify areas where a teenager may need extra support, whether it's in academic learning or developing essential life skills.

Social Skills Assessment

We recognize the importance of understanding how teenagers interact with their peers and adults to guide them towards healthy social development.

Emotional Well-Being

We prioritize a teenager's emotional well-being, paying close attention to their emotional health.

The Assessment Journey

Step 1

Initial Appointment Setup

The first step involves reaching out to schedule an appointment. We understand the importance of timely assessments, and our current wait time is around three weeks, ensuring prompt access to our services.

Step 2

Intake Session (Approximately 1 Hour)

During the intake session, lasting about an hour, we engage in a conversation to better understand presenting challenges and personal strengths. Depending on the age, the session may include the teenager, parents/caregivers, and/or a support person, aiming to gather valuable information about the client’s history and presenting questions.

Step 3

Testing Phase (Approximately 2+ Hours)

The testing phase, lasting about two hours, involves a cognitive assessment that helps to provide information regarding intellectual processes and abilities. Additional assessments are chosen based on presenting questions. For certain presenting questions like learning disabilities, a second testing appointment might be needed.

Step 4

Feedback, Recommendations, and Resources

After the assessment, clients receive prompt feedback and preliminary findings. For some cases, additional time may be needed to gather collateral information. Our commitment is to deliver a comprehensive report within two weeks that includes the assessment results as well as individualized and specific recommendations to bridge the gap from assessment to support services.

Helpful Tips for Parents and Caregivers

Open Communication

We know every parent or caregiver is the expert when it comes to their teenager. Openly share your concerns or those little quirks that make your teenager uniquely them. provide invaluable context for our assessment team.

Prepare Your teenager

Explain the assessment process to your teenager in an age-appropriate manner. Reassure them that it's a supportive environment where they can be themselves. Check out some pictures or even a short video of our office. You can look at these together with your teenager before you come in. Make it a family thing – we want it to be as comfortable and familiar as possible.

Provide Background Information

Being open about your teenager's developmental history and any specific challenges they may be facing helps us build a clearer picture of how best to support them.

Speak up!

Your presence and engagement during the assessment process matter. Ask questions, seek clarification, and be an active participant. Your insights are invaluable.

We’re in this together, making sure your teenager gets the support they need. We are excited to partner with you.

“We did an assessment with Bridges of the Mind in order to ensure our teenager has as much information about how they learn and experience the world as possible prior to going to college and becoming an adult. The doctor we worked with was intelligent, friendly, kind, and knowledgeable. She set a terrific tone with which our teenager really resonated with. The structure of the assessment is appropriately thorough without being overwhelming. We really enjoyed the experience and we are excited to put our new knowledge to work.”

- Past Client

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